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fundraisingManager is the Salesforce Elevate alternative for Canadian nonprofits

cloudstack Services’ customizable software is the next best thing for Canadian nonprofits to streamline fundraising workflows, spend less time on paperwork and more on what matters.

Running non-profit programs and fundraising campaigns comes with no shortage of challenges.

From finding fresh ways to keep donors engaged and in the giving spirit to efficiently managing the efforts of a network of volunteers distributed across geographic regions, there’s always more to do to stay ahead.

These important but time-consuming tasks can distract even the most dedicated and organized administrators, creating a mountain of paperwork that can potentially keep you from devoting attention to your organization’s chief mission.

The good news is that there is software designed specifically to help manage fundraising efforts: Salesforce Elevate. 

Salesforce Elevate is a solution built on the world’s most popular and powerful CRM software, Salesforce. It has a time-saving management interface that allows you to administer all of your programs effectively, keeping track of constituent vitals while simplifying back-end processes related to payments.

The not-so-great news is that Salesforce Elevate isn’t yet available or optimized for Canadian nonprofits. So, this has prompted many fundraisers across Canada to look for an alternative to the Salesforce Elevate platform with similar features and benefits. And one, in particular, is receiving a lot of attention: fundraisingManager.

fundraisingManager: the ‘Salesforce Elevate alternative’ that everyone is talking about

Working as an experienced Salesforce implementation partner, cloudStack Services created fundraisingManager, a fundraising management system built specifically for nonprofits on the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP).

fundraisingManager provides a reliable and efficient way to collect, organize, sort and understand donor data. The process for setting it up is fully automated, meaning it won’t add another big task to your fundraising to-do list. When it’s ready to go, it collects and feeds you data in whatever manner you choose.

This strategically customized alternative to Salesforce Elevate includes features often requested by Canadian fundraisers to deal with a different set of government rules and regulations. These include:

Branded receipt templates & acknowledgements

For example, fundraisingManager streamlines the acknowledgement and donation receipt process. You can create custom donor acknowledgements using Microsoft Word templates (no coding required), and meet the unique donation receipting requirements of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

CRA complaint receipting for nonprofits with receiptManager for Salesforce NPSP

You can also merge your donation receipt templates with donor acknowledgement letters. Create up to 3,000 CRA-compliant, branded receipts with gift and payment details, and keep charitable receipt records stored for easy donation receipt replacement.

Need more receipts or consolidated year-end receipting/giving summaries? Check out the receiptManager add-on for Salesforce NPSP.

Customizable, bilingual donation forms

fundraisingManager also adds customizable, bilingual website donation forms to remove barriers and simplify the giving experience, saving you time while keeping people on your site and increasing conversion rates.

Tailor your branding, fields and page content so that your nonprofit is at the forefront of your fundraising efforts, including:

  • Custom ask ladders
  • Campaign and allocations based on donor direction
  • Unlimited number of donation forms
  • Look and feel to keep on your nonprofit brand
  • Third-party API support

Try out our example online donation form here.

customizable donation form for nonprofits

A secure payment processor

fundraisingManager’s donation form integrates with the popular payment processor, Stripe, to facilitate the secure processing of digital transactions, whether it’s one-time or recurring donations, to help make donors feel safer and more confident when pledging online. It also supports more traditional forms of donations like cash, cheques and in-kind gifts.

Advanced reporting capabilities

Track and predict your campaign performance and donor behaviour quickly and easily with easy-to-read custom reports and analytics. You can subscribe to receive the reports you need weekly, monthly and quarterly that will inform your donor engagement and allow for strategic planning.

Ongoing partnership and support

 Our services don’t end at deployment. Not only does cloudStack Services implement fundraisingManager, but we also give you customized training, virtual administration and ongoing support to ensure you have everything for a successful fundraisingManager launch.

We want to ensure that your system runs successfully and you get consistent technical support. We can adapt, configure and customize the platform to meet your organization’s specific needs. Plus, as a cloud-based service, you need never worry about updating hardware or software. You’ll always have access to and will be using the latest version of the technology.

Take back your time

fundraisingManager automates many of your daily fundraising tasks and provides valuable data you can pull to improve ongoing and future campaigns, letting you re-focus your efforts on your nonprofit’s higher-level strategy and goals. If you’re looking for the next best thing to Salesforce Elevate, consider giving fundraisingManager a try.

Looking for CRM support in 2022? Get in touch with our team to learn more about cloudStack’s services and our trio of products: fundraisingManagerreceiptManager and financeManager. All built on the Salesforce platform

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