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SchoolBOX: Making Education Possible
“ and cloudStack Services have enabled us with access to our donor records remotely which will streamline our communications with our donors, and allow us to manage our communications in a more effective manner, giving us the capability to help more children in our partner communities in Nicaragua..”
- Jonathan Tam, Acting Executive Director
JIAS Toronto: Connecting People and Community
” and cloudStack Services have enabled JIAS to overcome the challenges of legacy systems and databases, and implement a single comprehensive view of our donors, volunteers, and client interactions. JIAS staff can focus efficiently on delivering to our mission, values and strategic priorities.”
- Joanna Sasson Morrison, Community Development Direct Services Manager
Assaulted Womens Hotline
“ and cloudStack helped AWHL develop a new system to better communicate with our partner organizations to assist more women who are experiencing abuse. We’ve been able to move away from our older database and can now capture extensive case information and improve our data analysis.”
- Rebecca Ng, Director of Administration and Service Support
Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work
The partnership with cloudStack has been extremely professional and has proven to be a significant return on investment. Looking back to 2020, had we not moved our systems to the cloud, I cannot see how we would have functioned seamlessly through the pandemic.
- Monica Winkler, Information Technology Coordinator
Shad Canada
“If you are considering a Salesforce implementation and data migration on your own you will need strong Excel skills, hundreds of spreadsheets, different data organizations techniques and knowledge on how you want to store your data…And if you don’t have all of that in hand, and a deep love for spreadsheets, I would strongly recommend having an implementation partner like cloudStack there to support you.”
- Kyle Blaney, Data Analyst at Shad Canada
Henry's Foundation
“Working with the cloudStack Services team was easy – their boutique approach to non-profit work left me reassured that my CRM needs and those of the Henry’s Foundation needs were well taken care of.”
- Amy Stein, Executive Director at Henry's Foundation
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Working With Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work

An Interview with Arshad Zaver, Director of Finance

Before you started using our Salesforce Implementation and Virtual Admin Hours, how did you handle things? What were your major pain points?

The organization was paper-based and very siloed in its data collection.  There was no real consistency in the data collected, forms utilized or an ability to pull aggreagated data that demonstrated our results.   We were doing everything on Excel spreadsheets and unable to correlate stats and keep track of contacts between sites.

How did you find out about cloudStack Services and our offerings?

cloudStack was recommended to us by our SalesForce sales representative.  CCRW performed a by invitation call for proposals and cloudStack responded.

What was your first conversation with our team like? Who was it with and did you come away confident that our offering would help you reach your goals?

Our first meeting was in the proposal presentation phase of the selection process.  We met with Ken Klinger and Steve Weber.  Both were very personable, asked appropriate questions and gave considered alternatives to our requirements.  cloudStack has the feel of a boutique company, but the knowledge and support of a much bigger company.

Once we started working together, did anything surprise you about the onboarding process or ongoing work?

CCRW was working with a consultant as an intermediary, who supported the design elements and facilitated the collecting of information.  We recognized that this was not a typical arrangement. cloudStack very willingly agreed to work with our consultant and while there were differences in thought processes and working styles, this relationship worked well.  I valued cloudStack’s ongoing engagement and check-in process as it was very open and transparent.  Issues were identified in a timely manner and solutions were created with all party engagement and buy-in.

How has your work changed since you started working with cloudStack? What value does it provide? Did our solution enable you to do anything that you couldn’t before?

Our organization no longer has separate tracking systems in each program/department. We have a single source of data through which we report on. We are able to track documentation, agreements with clients, attendance for participant education sessions, manage our Accounts Payable with automated workflows, and transfer all our supporting backup to the cloud without the need to keep any paper trails.

What has your partnership with cloudStack been worth to your organization? Are there any other areas in your organization that benefited because of our work together?

The partnership with cloudStack has been extremely professional and has proven to be a significant return on investment. Looking back to 2020, had we not moved our systems to the cloud, I cannot see how we would have functioned seamlessly through the pandemic. We have benefited from other areas in the organization, particularly our Finance department, where a workflow has been created for users to submit expenditures and invoices, have them approved by their supervisor, and finally uploaded and paid out of our accounting system. I would have never expected that a company that specializes in CRM deployment would be able to make advances in Accounting systems. We are now starting to capitalize cloudStack’s expertise to help build our research capacity through the data we collect.
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