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Nonprofit predictions for 2022 with the cloudStack Services team

December 2021 Newsletter – Nonprofit predictions for 2022

2021 continued to be a struggle for nonprofits. Charities often faced increased demand, while attempting to fundraise in uncertain times. Just when it looked like in person events were possible we are back to lockdowns and online galas.
Here are some useful articles with predictions of how 2022 will look for nonprofits.

Donors deserve your thank you during giving tuesday

November 2021 Newsletter – Todays donors deserve your best

Nonprofits are, by definition, mission driven. But the act of fundraising is what often makes a nonprofit successful in that mission. So this month we are focusing in on how donor engagement, before and after year end giving, is going to change your 2022.

Searching for nonprofit CRM software is hard workl

Considering nonprofit CRM software?

Searching for a nonprofit CRM can be overwhelming. But finding the right one can help you reach your fundraising goals so your organization succeeds in the long run.