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Are you managing your constituent data in multiple systems? Running 5 different systems to handle your NonProfit Data? Migrate and make use of all your data on one platform.

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Our Data Migration Enables:

360 Degree View Of Constituent Data

Why Nonprofits Choose The cloudStack Services Data Migration?

Managing data about the same constituent in multiple systems is inefficient. Migrating it all to a single platform like Salesforce can be challenging, but will ensure you have a 360 degree view of all your constituents.

Let the cloudStack team support your data migration and make it as painless as possible. Our team has decades of experience, and the sophisticated tools necessary to do the job. They understand the complexities of migrations and are able to deliver the right solution for each nonprofit.

Improve the efficiency of your nonprofit operations with data migration.

Our Data Migration Services

Why Migrate Your Constituent Data?

Consolidating constituent data provides a holistic perspective of all supporters involved in an organization, affords seamless and efficient communication with members and supporters and boosts the effectiveness of marketing and fundraising campaigns.

Database Source-to-Salesforce Migrations Experience:

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Data Extraction

Work with our team to identify the data you would like to migrate and from what sources. We will also work with you to decide which specific information you need from all sources

Data Cleaning And Translation

We work with you to clean, de-duplicate and prepare your data for loading into the Salesforce platform

Data Mapping

We will ensure that all records of each source system have a unique identifier and plan the move of your data in to Salesforce. If natively Salesforce does not have a object or field to map your values in to we will customize Salesforce NPSP to support the movement of your data.

Data Migration

The cloudStack team will transfer the data from your source system/s to your Salesforce org. The amount and expected complexity of the data transformation will largely determine the cost of your nonprofits data migration

Looking To Learn More About Data Migration?

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