Extend a discount to nonprofit friends.

Receive a discount in return.

Increase support to other nonprofits you care about while advancing your own mission.

With cloudStack Services’ referral program, you can help spread the word on our fundraising software and receive up to a 50% off discount on YOUR cloudStack products in return!

The organizations you refer also receive a 10% discount off their cloudStack products for Salesforce.

How It Works

cloudStack Services, Accelerate Salesforce fundraising with the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack

Sign up!

Join cloudStack Services referral program and let us know how you would like to spread the word to other nonprofits.

cloudStack Services, Accelerate Salesforce fundraising with the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack

Spread the word

Work with a member of our team to support you sending the right message to your nonprofit contacts.

Push consolidated bank deposit records to Quickbooks Online in seconds so it’s always in sync with your donations records in Salesforce. This makes it easier to compile financial data into reports and may even help the tax filing process.

Credit Received!

For each referred nonprofit who signs up with one of our products receive a 10% off credit on next renewal. 10% off PER referral!

Need Help?


Wondering how it all works??? Let's go in to some more details.

As many as you would like!

Just know that within 1 calendar year the max discount given to any referring organization is 50% off of cloudStack products they are currently using.

Your discount, from 10-50% off of cloudStack products, will be applied to your NEXT renewal.

So if a referred contact signs in July and your renewal for fundraisingManager is in February that is when you will receive the discount.

The cloudStack team is happy to support marketing in the referral program with:

  • templated emails and visuals to send referral emails yourself.
  • warm introduction emails from yourself to our sales team.
  • social media collaterals to share.
  • custom referral links to ensure you get your referral fees when we sign new clients

The referral program works as such:

For each signed referral your organization will receive 10% off of your product renewal fees.

  1. Referral #1 – 10%
  2. Referral #2 – 20%
  3. Referral #3 – 30%
  4. Referral #4 – 40%
  5. Referral #5 – 50%

IF the referring client buys more than one cloudStack product (fundraisingManager, receiptManager, financeManager) you will receive the % discount applied to all products you are using.

The Save the World Foundation is a cloudStack client using fundraisingManager (frM) + receiptManager (rM) ($4200 annual recurring fee).

They refer 3 organizations who sign using:

Referral #1 – frM

Referral #2 – frM + rM

Referral #3 – frM +rM + financeManager

The Save the World Foundation is eligible for a 30% discount on their fundraisingManager license, a 20% discount on their receiptManager license and the potential to save 10% off of the financeManager product should they decide to add that to their product offering from cloudStack. 

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