Learn more about Salesforce Elevate features

Understanding the new Salesforce Elevate Features is critical before moving your donation processing to this new product.

What you can do with  Salesforce’s New Fundraising Product, Elevate

Salesforce Elevate is now available for your use with the Salesforce platform. Elevate provides a seamless management interface for U.S.-based organizations to engage donors and alumni while streamlining payments, CRM, and accounting. With these new features, you can easily measure how well your efforts are working by tracking KPIs such as subscriber growth and conversion rates.

Salesforce  has announced new enhancements to its platform. The Salesforce Elevate enhancements will help your nonprofit grow and scale faster than ever before. The following is a list of the features that are now available with this new update:

  • Create Giving Pages to Accept Donations
  • Integrate Payment Services into NPSP
  • View Recurring Donations
  • Personalize Donation Pages

Salesforce elevate

When you need a Salesforce data migration service?

Salesforce data migration is a process of transferring data from one system to another. It can be done manually or by using specialized software, depending on the amount and complexity of your data.

A lot of companies are migrating to Salesforce for their CRM software. Whether you have a small business or large enterprise, it’s essential to know when and how to migrate your data from one system into the other.

When you need a salesforce data migration service, finding a company that provides the services you need is challenging. We are one of those companies, and we offer many different types of services in addition to Salesforce data migration.

How you can get benefit from Salesforce fundraising?

Salesforce Fundraising is a cutting-edge platform for nonprofits that want to find new and innovative ways to raise money. The Salesforce Fundraising software is easy to use and deploys in minutes. And with the latest technology from Salesforce at your fingertips, you can tell donors where their dollars are going by integrating it with other systems like –

  • CRM
  • Donor management database
  • Web analytics system

If you are looking to impact your community’s lives, then Salesforce fundraising is a great place to start. With this type of initiative, people can come together and work towards a common goal while also raising money for their cause at the same time.

Salesforce Fundraising provides individuals with the opportunity to raise money for projects and causes that they care about through one-time donations or recurring contributions via credit card, debit card, or ACH (automatic bank transfer).

Organizations can use Salesforce Fundraising to set up campaigns quickly, customize content on donation pages and collect funds from donors all in one place.

Salesforce for charities:  To Increase Conversions

Many organizations and non-profits struggle with getting the word out about what they do, leading to a decrease in donations. But don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to increase your conversion rates, such as by using salesforce for nonprofit charities.

Charity is a business, and for many organizations, the bottom line is what drives them forward. Non-profits need to be financially sustainable so that they can continue doing their work in the community. Salesforce has been an integral part of this non-profit’s strategy to increase revenue and conversions by streamlining data, automating processes, simplifying customer service through social media, and more.

What are the benefits of Salesforce for Nonprofits charities?

Non-profit organizations spend a lot of time fundraising and not enough time acquiring new donors. It is because they’re spending so much effort on the task at hand that they neglect to take care of their future needs. Salesforce for charities can change this by providing an easy way to manage donor information, donations, and other aspects of non-profits. It has many benefits, including:

Customized Timeline – The user interface provides a customized timeline view perfect for non-profits who need accurate records to report accurately.

Employee Management – Non-profits often have multiple employees involved with different tasks at one time, but it can be not easy to track them all without having access to data from every department

Why Canadian nonprofits need a CRA receipting solution

When you’re in business, one of the most important things to do is keep your books balanced. It helps with tax time and also ensures that your company has accurate financial records. There are many steps involved in bookkeeping, but one area where mistakes can be costly is CRA receipting. When you have a CRA receipting solution for this process, organizing all of your receipts becomes much more accessible and will save you time!

CRA receipting solutions provide a way for companies to keep track of customer purchases while also keeping records organized and easy to find if there is ever an audit. Our CRA receipting solution providers can help you simplify the process of processing and recording your sales receipts.

The CRA has strict guidelines for keeping records, so it’s essential to use a professional CRA receipting service like ours. We’ll provide you with everything needed to follow these guidelines, including software tools, training resources, and even ongoing support from our team. For more information on how you can make this switch, contact the cloud Stack Services team today!

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