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fundraisingManager’s Donation Form Reveals the Secret to More Successful Campaigns

Discover How A Simple, Straightforward Online Donation Form Can Provide All The Data Necessary To Better Understand Your Donor Base.

Fundraising data is a nonprofit’s most valuable asset for future growth and success. It contains information that can help you glean key insights into who is (and isn’t) participating in your campaigns. Having this information allows you to research and implement more effective programs, and can even generate leads for new donors.

But it’s also another task added to the plates of fundraising managers already labouring under a mountain of responsibilities. Figuring out what information to collect, how to collect it, and then how to properly analyze and extract useful understanding can be a daunting undertaking.  

How do most organizations track their constituent relationships?


Most traditional businesses use a customer relationship management (CRM) tool to input, track, and study client data. In the fundraising world, this sort of solution goes by the same acronym but is called a constituent relationship manager. Our product, fundraisingManager, is built atop and integrates with Salesforce, the most widely used CRM software in the world. FundraisingManager offers a reliable and efficient means to collect, organize, sort, and understand donor data. And the processes for all of this are largely automated, meaning it won’t add another big task to your to-do list. Once it’s set up it just works, collecting and feeding you data in whatever manner you choose.

Getting Started

It all starts with a NPSP donation form you can place right on your website, providing a simple means for prospective donors to give money online instantly and safely. This bilingual NPSP form takes just a minute or two to fill out, and collects all of the vital information necessary to be able to automatically generate and send both a donation acknowledgement and a CRA-compliant donation receipt, including name, address, and whether the gift comes from an individual or organization. It also provides donors important options that put them in control of their giving, such as specific donation amounts, the ability to make recurring gifts, and to select campaigns that are particularly important to them.

Once a donation has been made, the donor’s data is securely stored. It can then be easily accessed through reports, lists, and other types of analyses that will allow you to better understand the people who are giving to your organization. You’ll be able to determine the geography of your giving base, measure engagement based on donation amount and frequency and see which campaigns are working well and which ones aren’t. You can then decide whether and when to reach out to and communicate with specific groups of donors. And you can use this data to react and pivot in real time, allowing you to tweak programs and outreach efforts to meet looming campaign goals.

All of this is done in a secure, cloud-based, automatically updated system that can be accessed from almost anywhere. This ensures you have the power to make informed, data-based decisions whenever you need to, and wherever you happen to be. Implementation is fast, and there’s no coding or building required. It’s a purpose-made, ready-to-use product that can be integrated into your operations and processes quickly and easily. 

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