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November 2022 Newsletter – Crafting your nonprofit strategic plan for 2023

Are you trying to make a 2023 plan for your nonprofit but don't know where to start??



November/December 2022

Do we even bother predicting 2023 nonprofit trends at this point?

Is it just our team or does it feel like every time we turn around the ENTIRE nonprofit landscape has changed again? And we know how much of this relates back to the scramble nonprofits are feeling to keep up-to-date in a world where grabbing the attention of your constituents is feeling more and more challenging. At the same time you are trying to keep up with new technologies that will make life “easier” but require time to learn.

On a small budget….

So here are a few great resources we found as we roll in to 2023!

Wondering how to justify your overhead to your board and donor’s? Time to disrupt the myth surrounding nonprofits only spending a 3rd of their budget on overhead.

Join Nonprofit Tech for Good for this webinar to discover emerging fundraising strategies, social media platform analysis, how the metaverse will likely evolve and more.

Looking for CRM support in 2023? Get in touch with our team to learn more about cloudStack’s services and our trio of products: fundraisingManagerreceiptManager and financeManager. All built on the Salesforce platform

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