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May 2022 Newsletter – The one with all the amazing nonprofit consultants

Discover some of the amazing nonprofit consultants we have met over the past couple years making life better for North American nonprofits.



May 2022

Consultant – in simple terms it is anyone who receives money in exchange for their services or expertise to a company.

In our experience, for nonprofits a consultant often is more of a partner, an advocate, someone who is the cheerleader for the nonprofits they are supporting.

Our team has had the good fortune of meeting some AMAZING consultants in the past couple years – here are some of their services we would love to highlight!

It’s not that you hate social media, it’s that, as a nonprofit professional, you wish MORE supporters saw your content. Learn in 3 steps how to attract new donors and inspire social change from an expert.

When it comes to building your team, there’s a lot you have to come to terms with— imposter syndrome, anxiety, and…probably hardest of all… vulnerability. Check out this amazing podcast.

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