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Is Salesforce good for nonprofits?

The Nonprofit Success Pack turns the world’s #1 CRM into the #1 CRM for nonprofits. From local social welfare organizations to multinational NGOs and foundations, Salesforce has catered to over 47,000 Nonprofits globally and has helped them gain a 360- degree view of their organization.

What is Salesforce for Nonprofits?

Salesforce is a CRM software that helps nonprofits with their operations. Salesforce for Nonprofits, also known as Salesforce NPSP, is a suite of tools that can help nonprofit organizations manage their data and people more effectively. The tools include Salesforce, service cloud, and communities.

What are the benefits of using Salesforce?

A few examples of what you can do with this tool are:

  • Track your donations in real-time so that you know how much money has come in before your next board meeting.
  • Create tasks for volunteers or staff members from within the app by adding them as an assignee on a task list or event organizer on a volunteer form.


How can Salesforce help nonprofits?

Nonprofits have plenty on their plates to take care of.

Planning fundraising events, marketing work, managing supporters, launching campaigns, processing donation receipts, and working with board members. You have many hats to wear, right?

There are many different nonprofit crm’s to consider, but one of the best is Salesforce for Nonprofits.

Nonprofits are increasingly turning to Salesforce as a way of streamlining their work and boosting revenue. Here are few more benefits that you can expect from using the salesforce for nonprofits platform.

  1. Increased Revenue –  Nonprofits can use Salesforce to increase revenues by improving donor engagement, increasing event attendance, and increasing partner fundraising opportunities. It also lets nonprofits offer more customized giving options for individual donors, which will help them feel more appreciated.
  2. Streamlined Workflow  –  Nonprofits with Salesforce have an easier time keeping track of people who need assistance because they have all of their information in one central location. That makes it easy for staff members to see what needs doing to avoid duplicating efforts.

There are many platforms to choose from, but the features and functionality found in Salesforce are unmatched by other software providers. The first thing you may want to know about Salesforce for Nonprofits is that it’s easy to use and navigate, making it an excellent choice for nonprofit organizations with no experience with technology or marketing automation tools.

How does Salesforce NonProfit Success Pack work?

The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) tailors the Salesforce CRM to better suit the needs of Nonprofits. It turns the #1 CRM for business into a Constituent Relationship Management system for nonprofits that help them manage programs, donations, volunteers, and supporters conveniently. The NPSP does so by adding pre-built constituent and donor management components on top of flexible, open data architecture.

Salesforce with NPSP comes equipped out of the box to help your Nonprofit manage, collaborate, communicate and conduct fundraising more effectively.

How much does Salesforce NPSPS cost?

The question, “How much does salesforce NPSP cost?” can be answered in two ways:

  1. What are the costs for using Salesforce NPSP
  2. What are potential additional costs I could accrue using the platform? donates 10 free Salesforce subscriptions in perpetuity to any eligible Nonprofit through the Power of Us program and offers deep discounts on additional subscriptions, products, services, training, and Salesforce events. This is a $ 20,000 per year program that you are essentially getting for free. Additional licenses beyond the free 10 come at the Salesforce Nonprofit reduced rate.

Since Salesforce NPSP is a cloud-based customer relationship management application that has integrations the cost for additional integrations like Mailchimp, Gmail and more may vary. Those integrations aren’t necessary so it will be at the discretion of your nonprofit to decide what additional costs are necessdary.

Choosing a Salesforce Partner to support your integration, data migration and general Salesforce admin work is another potential cost. Learn how the cloudStack team supported Shad Canada with their Salesforce Implementation.

What is Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack?

The salesforce nonprofit success pack is a robust set of tools for nonprofits that integrates seamlessly with your current salesforce account. It provides solutions to help you track donations, fundraisers, and more in one place. With the Nonprofit Success Pack, you can also run reports on your nonprofit’s data instantly!

The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack is a software package that helps nonprofits to streamline their everyday operations. It includes

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack is a suite of applications that helps nonprofits manage their donor, member, and volunteer relationships. With the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack, you can easily track donations, analyze data to target your fundraising efforts better, and more!

Salesforce NPSP

Why You Should Consider Salesforce for Nonprofits?

Many nonprofits are under the impression that they don’t need Salesforce because it is expensive or too complicated for their needs. It couldn’t be further from the truth! As a team of Nonprofit CRM Specialists we have witnessed many nonprofits flourish with the capabilities of Salesforce NPSP. It has saved nonprofits thousands of man hours and returned them to focusing on their mission.

It also comes with many features that can help with your operations and fundraising efforts. If you want to learn more about how salesforce can benefit your nonprofit, please contact cloudStack Services, where professionals offer assured results at an affordable price.

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