A fundraising platform to bring your nonprofit data together with ease

fundraisingManager™ transforms the way you organize donor information and daily work in one intuitive platform.

  • Streamline your data entry with customizable donation forms
  • Automate acknowledgements and donation receipting
  • Consolidate nonprofit data for easy reporting

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See why North American nonprofits rely on fundraisingManager to manage donors, volunteers, communications, marketing, and much more.

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Is your legacy system slowing your fundraising goals and initiatives?
You work diligently to reach your monthly revenue goals by launching campaigns, drumming up donor interest, hosting fundraising events, seeking sponsorship and more. But there are roadblocks slowing your results.
Is your legacy system slowing your fundraising goals and initiatives?


Your legacy system isn't evolving

Legacy systems can break down, creating headaches for your team and making potential donors less likely to donate as a result.


You’re in paperwork purgatory

You’re serious about driving your mission forward. But you’re tired of wasting hours in mounds of paperwork—manual receipting, donor data entry and board reporting.


Donors are slipping through the cracks

Donors are the crux of your existence. But you’re losing their interest and money over poor record keeping.


Manual data is slowing decision making

Half-baked reports take days to prepare, leading you to rely on intuition—rather than facts—to make critical decisions


Staff is doing more with less - and leaving

Doing more with less support is creating overwhelming inefficiencies, low productivity and burnout. The result? The people who had a passion for your mission are quitting.

Introducing fundraisingManager™

Built on the Salesforce Platform

fundraisingManager is an all-in-one CRM for nonprofits to help you connect donations, fundraising and marketing tasks in a simpler and smarter way.

Cartoon symbol of a cloud with data coming in and out of it to symbolize a data migration

Native to Salesforce NPSP

Instantly integrate donor and donation data into your Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack CRM.

handle your nonprofit donations with Salesforce for nonprofits

No Fees on Donations

No additional transactional fees on donations beyond Stripe processing, which your donors can cover.

nonprofit professional working hard with Salesforce for nonprofits

Remove Nonprofit Administrivia

Automating the stuff that slows you down means more time for the work you enjoy. More productivity, more profit.

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Consolidate nonprofit data

Report and analyze donor data on your nonprofits schedule. Track and predict fundraising campaign performance and donor behaviour.

Why nonprofits prefer using fundraisingManager over other industry CRM software

customizable donation form for nonprofits

Customizable online donation form

Tailor branding, fields and page content so that your nonprofit is at the forefront of your fundraising efforts. 

  • Custom Ask Ladders
  • Campaign and Allocations based donor direction
  • Unlimited number of donation forms
  • Look and feel to keep on your nonprofit brand
  • 3rd party API support

Try out our example online donation form here or request a demo of our product.

Branded Receipt Templates & Acknowledgements

Merge your donation receipt templates with donor acknowledgement letters. Create up to 3,000 CRA-compliant, branded receipts with gift and payment details. Keep charitable receipt records stored for easy donation receipt replacement.

Need more receipts of consolidated year-end receipting/giving summaries? Check out the receiptManager add-on for Salesforce NPSP.

CRA complaint receipting for nonprofits with receiptManager for Salesforce NPSP
fundraisingManager for Salesforce with advanced reporting capabilities

Advanced Reporting Capabilities

Track and predict your campaign performance and donor behaviour quickly and easily with easy-to-read custom reports and analytics. Subscribe to receive the reports you need weekly/monthly/quarterly that will inform your donor engagement and allow for strategic planning.

Staff Donation Portal

Process cash, cheque and cc with tailored donation receipting and campaign allocation – handle donor engagement they way YOU want.

  • Donor Lookup Database
  • Option for cash, cheque or credit card
  • One-time or recurring gifts
  • Tailor allocations for a single campaign or a general fund
Salesforce for Nonprofits is easy with a Salesforce QuickStart

No Additional Fees

You’ve worked hard to procure those donations – and 100% of those funds should go towards your cause. fundraisingManager has no additional fees on donations unlike other Canadian fundraising platforms.

  • Simple annual licensing fee
  • we use Stripe for payment processing
  • One-time or recurring, your organization still retains the full donation

*payment processing fees to a 3rd party still apply at nonprofit rates of 2.2%+ 0.30 (we recommend trying to negotiate!)

Our team is proud to invest in your success. We offer 5 hours annually with Salesforce Certified Admins for training, in-depth questions and more. 

And if a certified Salesforce Admin is needed? We provide powerful, flexible Salesforce support for your nonprofit with Salesforce Virtual Administrator Services

Salesforce virtual administrator program for nonprofits

Boutique Approach

“Working with the cloudStack Services team was easy. Their boutique approach to non-profit work left me reassured that my CRM needs and those of the Henry’s Foundation needs were well taken care of.” 

-Amy Stein, Henry's Foundation

diligent and thorough

“Working with cloudStack was a partnership from start to finish. The team is honest, diligent and thorough and therefore we created a more integrated CRM reducing manual processes and upgrading to automated solutions – reducing time lost and increasing productivity.”

- molly vaile, Lynn Sage breast cancer foundation

A true partnership

““Working with the cloudStack team was incredibly flexible, and the team was able to meet our crazy timelines and last-minute requests efficiently. This has been a true partnership vs another piece of software you invest in.

- reilly goldsmith, Downie Wenjack Fund

Discover how fundraisingManager can help your nonprofit

We get it. Migrating to a new technology can feel intimidating. Chat with one of our specialists to share more about your organization, and how we can help you empower your best people to impact your mission in even greater ways.

Looking for more?

fundraisingManager also offers peer-to-peer fundraising, batch receipting to simplify your year-end giving with receiptManager and the option of financeManager, a QuickBooks Online integration.


for Salesforce
$ 2,400 per year
  • - Unlimited number of customizable donation forms
  • - No additional fees on donations - flat yearly fee
  • - Staff donation portal with donor database lookup
  • - Native to Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack
  • - Simplify admin work with fundraising automation
  • - Secure charitable tax receipting
  • - Integration Capabilities (Gmail, Shopify, Eventbrite and more)
  • - Custom reporting with Salesforce NPSP
  • - 5 hours of Salesforce Customer Success annually
  • Batch Receipting add-on available
  • Quickbooks Online add-On available

Still Looking To Learn More About Our Product?

Learn More about fundraisingManager with our resource articles

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fundraisingManager’s Donation Form Reveals the Secret to More Successful Campaigns
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Two mean sitting together having coffee, talking about Salesforce for Nonprofits, Salesforce NPSP
Introducing fundraisingManager, a Salesforce Elevate Alternative for Canadian Non-Profits

fundraisingManager and Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack

The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) tailors the Salesforce CRM to better suit the needs of Nonprofits. It turns the #1 CRM for business into a Constituent Relationship Management system for nonprofits that help them manage programs, donations, volunteers, and supporters conveniently. The NPSP does so by adding pre-built constituent and donor management components on top of flexible, open data architecture.

NPSP provides a single source of truth delivering a 360 degree view of your constituents. You can leverage this unified view to engage in more personalized ways with supporters, or connect and help clients. With this visibility into people, funds and outcomes, you can make better decisions that drive impact. donates 10 free Salesforce subscriptions in perpetuity to any eligible Nonprofit through the Power of Us program and offers deep discounts on additional subscriptions, products, services, training, and Salesforce events. This is a $ 20,000 per year program that you are essentially getting for free. donates 10 free Salesforce subscriptions in perpetuity to any eligible Nonprofit through the Power of Us program and offers deep discounts on additional subscriptions, products, services, training, and Salesforce events. This is a $ 20,000 per year program that you are essentially getting for free.

Many nonprofits partner with cloudStack Services to provide further Salesforce Custom Implementations. We work exclusively with nonprofits and know that the we must quickly maximize the return on investment of your Salesforce Implementation. 

Integration of your current systems is often a possibility and taking advantage of using Salesforce as a central system so that your email, marketing, financials, etc can all talk to each other is just part of how we provide a complex and effective solution.

We will transform your Salesforce by providing:

fundraisingManager has been built as a native Salesforce application. Our team of dedicated Salesforce certified admins saw a gap in the market.


Other fundraising platforms may integrate with Salesforce but will incompletely map donor and donation data to Salesforce. fundraisingManager takes advantage of all that Salesforce NPSP has to offer.


fundraisingManager cannot be used without Salesforce NPSP.

The cloudStack team has taken this product to the next level by offering two critical add-ons.


1. receiptManager – save hours on your year end receipting with receiptManager. Automate your consolidated and batch receipting process.


2. financeManager – this integration allows users to consolidate donation data between your nonprofit CRM and QuickBooks Online.

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Enterprise Features

4,800 Per Year

fundraisingManager Features

All versions of fundraisingManger are built on a robust, customizable Nonprofit focussed CRM