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Start Accepting Online Donations Now With a Simple, Powerful Web Donation Form

Find out how a proven, ready-to-deploy donation form can increase conversion rates and make you a more effective campaign manager

The success of your organization’s mission depends on those willing to support it by giving money. These prospective donors are good people who want to contribute and make a difference, but they’re only human. They can lose focus if the giving process takes too long or is too convoluted. They can be scared away if something about the donation procedure seems illegitimate, such as a method of payment they don’t recognize or trust.

Your goal, then, should be to provide donors with a quick, simple, and safe NPSP donation form on your website that keeps their interest and increases conversion rates. If it can also capture, sort, and make sense of the data provided during the donation process to help you run more efficient and successful fundraising campaigns in the future, all the better.

This is where cloudStack’s fundraisingManager comes in. We’ve leveraged our experience working as a Salesforce Consulting partner to design an easy-to-use and quick-to-deploy fundraising platform. It simplifies and automates many of the daily tasks associated with fundraising. From minimizing contact data entry to generating reports that can help you analyze strategies, make better decisions, and quickly pivot to maximize returns on your programs.

At the same time it is collecting the sort of data Canadian nonprofits want and need, including detailed contact information to support  automated acknowledgements and donation receipts. And with a pool of easily searchable donor data it becomes far easier to reach out to specific groups of donors for additional support when launching new programs.

The fundraisingManager donation form has been designed with a classy, professional aesthetic, strengthening the legitimacy of your brand and increasing the likelihood that donors will stay on your site to complete the giving process. Plus, it integrates with a recognizable and popular payment processor to further build trust between your organization and potential donors.

And remember: With our Salesforce NPSP donation form there’s no need to build or create your own. It’s ready-made, and can be dropped onto your existing website quickly and easily, so you can begin accepting online donations – and collecting valuable donor data – almost immediately.

customizable donation form for nonprofits

Our brand new fundraisingManager 2.0 form on the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation website.

Looking for CRM support in 2022? Get in touch with our team to learn more about cloudStack’s services and our trio of products: fundraisingManagerreceiptManager and financeManager. All built on the Salesforce platform

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